One day one outfit


Hellooooo!!! Long time no see =) I just wanted to say hi and show you my two latest buys. If you’ve read my blog you know that I was longing for a coat and a bag in the same colour and now I got it. The coat is from & Other Stories and it’s really soft and the quality is super good. The bag is a Givenchy Antigona and the one I have been looking for and when I went to Berlin with my job I finally found it in the right colour and size. I absolutely love it.

I’m really missing the blog so hopefully I’ll start to blog a little bit more again. Hopefully I haven’t lost all of you visiting Modevärlden (?).

See you soon!

Just checking in


I am just checking in to say hello and to say that I am sorry that I’m not blogging at all right now. I feel that time is not enough to manage a full time job and a family so the blog has to stand back for now. I really miss it though and I will check in here from time to time so hopefully you will too.

This is Alexia yesterday (thank you Patzy for the lovely jacket – we love it!!!). She is getting so big and has a really strong will. She is a handful for sure but oh my God how much we love her.

See you soon again!

A new house?

inredning4 inredning11 inredning15inredning14inredning13inredning12inredning10inredning9inredning7inredning1inredning3inredning5dning2inredning8inredning6

I know my blogging is really bad at the moment but I have so little time and inspiration right now. It will get better – hopefully =) So we didn’t buy that house that we were looking at but I’m not sad about it because we really feel that we want a new house. In that new house I want grey walls and dark floors like in the last picture =)

All pics from Decorpad and Pinterest.

Even more interior

Inred3inred5inred6inred7inred12inred13inred18inred19inred21 inred22 inred23

I’m really sorry for my lousy blogging right now but with a fulltime job, a two year old, a house to keep clean and now I also started working out several times a week I just can’t find the time. My head is also filled with thoughts about this house that we saw last week and if we want to do another big renovation. We can’t make up our minds but I can always look at nice interior pictures and dream away.

All pictures above from Pinterest and Decorpad!